HockeyCore is home to the first and only RapidShot training system in the state of Maryland!

What is RapidShot?

RapidShot is an automated passing and shooting lane that provides immediate feedback on shot accuracy, shot speed and reaction time. RapidShot technology tracks and saves shooting data from each player's individual use and tracks their progress session-to-session.

How does it work?

Each player that trains at HockeyCore will use RapidShot with their instructor. The player will be assigned a personal I.D. card. This card will link to their online RapidShot profile and track data on each and every shot the player takes on RapidShot. Player data is scored and recorded on a world wide leader board with players of the same age and gender. 

RapidShot Daily Report Sample - Superior Data Tracking


Can my player drop-in and just use RapidShot?

Yes. First you must schedule a private lesson. During this session, one of our trainers will orient your player with RapidShot. They will spend time teaching them how to use the machine and evaluating the player's current skill set. From there, the player(s) will be eligible to purchase a RapidPass to drop-in and use RapidShot during designated drop-in hours. 


Players that want to use RapidShot regularly (highly recommended for best results) can purchase a RapidPass. RapidPass is an all you can shoot pass for RapidShot. It allows you to drop-in and shoot whenever HockeyCore training facility is open. 

RapidPass Packages

Single drop-in session $25/30 min. 

Season RapidPass (7/21/18 - 3/1/2019) Single Player - $320 (purchase before 8/1/18)/$420 ( purchase after 8/1/18)

Season RapidPass (7/21/18 - 3/1/2019) Family - $520 (purchase before 8/1/18)/$620 ( purchase after 8/1/18)

Month-to-Month RapidPass Single Player - $50/month

Month-to-Month RapidPass Family - $80/month