We have the unique ability to offer private and semi-private training both on real ice and in our synthetic ice training facility. This allows us to develop and master skills in the highest levels of detail and then take those skills and apply them in a controlled environment on real ice. Continue reading to understand our training philosophy.


Skating - A top down approach

We want our players to focus on the feel of their motion. The feel should be smooth and controlled in their stride and their edges. What's unique about us is we help players achieve this "smooth" feel by focusing on the upper body first. Control and greater understanding of the upper body allows the lower body and the skates to get in the proper position and be as smooth as possible. 

Stick skills - A bottom up approach

Shooting, stick handling, pass making, and pass receiving are all vital to successful game play. Success with the various stick skills comes from proper weight distribution and proper weight transfer through the feet and lower body. Developing these skills from the bottom up will build the proper form and instill the necessary confidence in the athlete.

Skill Fusion - Complete Player Development

Skill fusion, or combining various skills to create superior results, is the ultimate goal. Making the necessary plays with the puck on our stick while maintaining balanced, smooth motion through our skating and edges will create the success and high level performance players seek. Individual skills are neutralized if the player cannot comfortably mix one skill with another. Our "top down" approach to skating and our "bottom up" approach to stick skills set the player up for optimum skill fusion.